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Spiritual journeys and unforgettable tours.

   Christianity has always been connected with journeys. Jesus Christ and His disciples went on long and short trips throughout Palestine. The Apostle Paul embarked on his missionary journeys. The other disciples followed suit, later on. Pilgrims started travelling to visit holy sites. Missionaries and the explorers of the New World all have done quite a bit of an itinerary.

      In today’s world, journeys are commonly associated with leisure and business than it is for spiritual and other noble reasons. Although the modern vacation originated in the medieval act of pilgrimage, very few realize that renewal and relaxation are as spiritual as they are physical.

      The goal of HighLight Tours is this: to make your tour a spiritual journey as it is unforgettable. We invite you to join our memorable tours. You will surely come back from an experience with more than just photos and souvenirs!

      Committed to Christian business principles, HighLight Tours is a well experienced Tour Specialist in Christian Pilgrimage. You can trust that we deliver the kind of experience that a journey-of-a-lifetime is expected to be.

      HighLight Tours specializes in meaningful, Bible-focused, Christ-centered group tours to the Bible Lands. Begin your journey and contact us today.

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