Spiritual Journeys and Unforgettable Tours

Pilgrimage has always been closely associated with travel. This is because pilgrimage itself is a journey. A journey that a pilgrim takes to a purposed place. Throughout history, pilgrims have roamed the world to fulfill a purpose. Even life itself, is a pilgrimage.

At High Light Tours, we make travel a pilgrimage. Be it for leisure, business, family vacation or for spiritual reasons, we make your trip, a smooth and easy one, so that you can concentrate on your travel purpose. We believe that each time you travel, you come back home a changed person. 

And so, this is our goal: To make your journey, as spiritual as it is unforgettable with value for money. We invite you to join our memorable tours. You will surely come back from an experience with more than what you left with.

Committed to Christian workplace principles, High Light Tours is well experienced with customized tours to the Bible Lands. High Light Tours specializes in meaniningful, Bible –focused, Christ –centered group tours to Israel, and its neighboring countries. Begin your pilgrimage and contact us today.

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